Talus Pile Newsletter, Vol 135, April 2005



Apr 2-3 Sat-Sun Open
Apr 8-10 Fri-Sun Sill Huey
Apr 11 Mon Meeting Myers, Roseman, DeRuiter
Apr 16-17 Sat-Sun Rock Skills (ascending,descending) Hinman
Apr 22-24 Fri-Sun Red Rock Canyon, Nevada Roseman
Apr 27 Wed Stretcher Hut night Training Committee
Apr 30/May 1 Sat/Sun Stretcher practice Training Committee
May 6-8 Fri-Sun LeConte Runkle
May 9 Mon Meeting Hueber, Miles, Castro
May 13-14 Sat-Sun Open
May ??? ??? White Mountain traverse Miles
May 20-22 Fri-Sun Shepherd Pass __________
May 28-30 Sat-Mon Open
Jun 3-5 Fri-Sun North Palisades Runkle
Jun 7-8 Tue-Wed Summer class Summer Class Committee
Jun 11-12 Sat-Sun Open
Jun 13 Mon Meeting Ferguson, ______, ______
Jun 14-15 Tue-Wed Summer class Summer Class Committee
Jun 14-19 Tue-Sun MRA International Conference Vail, Colorado
Jun 17-19 Fri-Sun Whitney Trail __________
Jun 21-22 Tue-Wed Summer class Summer Class Committee
Jun 25-26 Sat-Sun Lone Pine Peak, NE Ridge Miles
Jun 28-29 Tue-Wed Summer class Summer Class Committee
Jul 1-4 Fri-Mon Open
Jul 9-10 Sat-Sun Summer Class Day Trips Leaders
Jul 11 Mon Meeting _____, Franklin, _____
Jul 12-13 Tue-Wed Summer Class Summer Class Committee
Jul 15-17 Fri-Sun North Fork Lone Pine Creek Franklin


The members present at the 10 January 2005 meeting elected the following members of the Qualifications Committee for 2005:
Tom Sakai Chair, Operation reports
Tom Roseman New members, Roster
Linda Finco Trips, Training

First Aid
Gina Najera-Niesen (Chair)
Bill Ferguson
Karen Botham
Ellen Schafhauser
Linda Finco
Dave Doerr (Chair)
Tom Roseman
Bob Huey
Paul DeRuiter
Al Green
Dave Miles
Mike Renta
Carol Burge
Public Education
Terry Mitchell (Chair)
Mary Schmierer
Carol Burge
Linda Finco (Chair)
Tom Roseman
Mike Myers

Dennis Burge (Representative)
Summer Class
Dan Bishop (Chair)
Bud Gates
Debbie Breitenstein
Karen Botham
Al Green
Pete Waters
Mike Franklin
Carol Burge
Eric Toler (Chair)
Debbie Breitenstein
Daryl Hinman
Dan Bishop
Emergency Services Council
ebbie Breitenstein (Chair)
Pete Waters
Janet Westbrook
Web Page
Janet Westbrook (Webmistress)
Talus Pile
Loren Castro (Editor)
Sheila Rockwell (Cub Reporter)

Based on the votes of the membership, the Qualifications Committee appointed the following operation leaders for 2005: Linda Finco, Mike Myers, Tom Roseman, Tom Sakai, Debbie Breitenstein, Bud Gates, and Dan Bishop

First Aid Committee
Gina Niesen
We had the following classes:
Class Dates Attendees
CPR 3-10-04 5
First Aid 5-05-04 4
CPR 11-17-04 7
CPR 12-08-04 10
First Aid Topic A April 21 to May 26 7
First Aid Topic A Oct 20 to Nov 10 10

Equipment Committee
Al Green
Members and responsibilities:
Bob Rockwell Tents and snow flukes
Linda Finco Radios (including base radio & ELT)
David Miles Rinos, hardware bags, technical equipment bags
Al Green Rock drill, winch and tripod, generator, computer, digital projector
Tom Roseman Avalanche beacons, GPS units, digital camera, night vision goggles
Dave Doerr Hut coordinator
Werner Hueber As needed
Bob Huey As needed

Kern County bought us four Rinos, and Dave Miles updated their firmware and maps.
Nobody was interested in being responsible for the new Ford Explorer, but with very minor problems, it has been a real asset for CLMRG. We drove the Explorer 7,776 miles during 2004, which saved CLMRG 7,776 X 0.37 = $2,877. Total mileage on the vehicle was 10,732 at the end of 2004.
Kem Park put the lettering and decal on the Explorer. Carol Burge coordinated this effort
Sgt. Diederich ordered six more Icom radios for us. On 10 April 2004, Sgt. Kirkland gave us the six radios including chargers and extra LiIon batteries (at Diederich's retirement party). They are labeled as followed:
CL 16 is serial #5221991
CL 17 is serial #5221992
CL 18 is serial #5221993
CL 19 is serial #5221994
CL 20 is serial #5221995
CL 21 is serial #5222350
We also received the following:
6 Conterra Adjusta-Pro chest harnesses
6 individual chargers - but not for LiIon batteries
1 6-unit charger ­ again not for LiIon batteries
6 spare LiIon batteries
6 microphones
Cloning software & cable
For consideration next year:
Clean compound as needed
Clean Hut and bathrooms on a regular basis
Get rid of any excess that accumulates in the Hut
Inventory gear in Hut
The Equipment Committee spent a total of $473.43 during 2004.

Public Education Committee
Terry Mitchell
Date Activity Participants CLMRG Members
5 Apr Hug A Tree 12 Mary Schmierer
16 Apr Mojave Primitive Encampment 56 Tom Sakai
Linda Finco
Dennis Burge
David Miles
Al Green
Werner Hueber
Bud Gates
Tom Roseman
Youth Group at Fossil Falls David Miles
Bud Gates
Al Green
18-19 Jul Whitney Trail 100th Anniversary Al Green
Linda Finco
Tom Sakai
Bob Rockwell
Eric Toler
Elaine Riendeau
Dave Doerr
Loren Castro
Dennis Burge
Debbie Breitenstein
Ellen Schafhauser
1 Aug CLMRG ­ Who we are and what we do (2 presentations) 50 kids (K-6)
20 kids (K-6)
Linda Finco
15 Aug Cub Scout Troop 341
NAWS Climbing Wall Unknown Curtis Davis


Summary of 2004 operations
Operation Talus Pile Date Type Location Leader
2004-01 130 2 Jan Search Mt. Baldy Sakai & Finco
2004-02 130 13 Jan Search Æ Recovery Mt. Baldy Roseman
2004-03 130 21-24 Jan Search Mt. San Gorgonio Sakai
2004-04 131 18 Feb Transit Santa Barbara Sakai
2004-05 131 28 Feb Search Æ Recovery Frazier Park Finco
2004-06 135 28 Mar Search Æ Rescue Red Rock Canyon Breitenstein
2004-07 132 26 Apr Search Tulare County Myers
2004-08 135 12 Jun Search Tehachapi Roseman
2004-09 133 17 Jul Search Joshua Tree NP Roseman
2004-10 133 2 Aug Search Fawnskin Finco
2004-11 133 9 Aug Search Frazier Park Roseman
2004-12 133 20 Aug Transit Yosemite Finco
2004-13 133 16 Oct Recovery Canebrake Finco
2004-14 134 18-19 Oct Transit Red's Meadow Roseman
2004-15 134 19-21 Oct Search Courtright Reservoir Roseman
2004-16 134 6-7 Nov Search Mt. Baldy Sakai
2004-17 134 14 Nov Search Mt. Baldy Myers
2004-18 134 15 Nov Mobilization Mt. Baldy Sakai
2004-19 134 19 Nov Mobilization Mt. Baldy Myers
2004-20 135 26-29 Nov Search Frazier Park Roseman
2004-21 134 4-5 Dec Mobilization Mt. Pinos Finco
2004-22 135 29 Dec Search Æ Rescue Ice House Canyon Roseman

2004 operations by type
Incidents Alerts Mobilizations Transits Searches Rescues Recoveries Total
0 0 3 3 11* 2 3 22*
*Four searches became rescue or recovery.

2004 operations by month
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
3 2 1 1 0 1 1 3 0 3 5 2

2004 requesting agencies
Kern County Mono County San Bernardino County Fresno County Riverside County Santa Barbara County Tulare County NPS Yosemite
7 1 9 1 1 1 1 1

2004 subject outcomes
Found uninjured Found injured Found dead Not found Total
12 1 9 3 25

Group Data
Callouts: 22
Total hours expended: 2480
NAWC excused hours: 0
Total Vehicle Miles: 9650
Average number of field members per callout: 6.6


2004-06 28 March 2004 Rescue Red Rock Canyon Debbie Breitenstein
Mike Kirkland paged a little after 1715 on Sunday evening, 28 March 2004, and stated that there was a rescue operation for a climber outside of Jawbone Canyon. The climber, 45-year-old Susan Dornay from Bear Valley Springs, was stuck 100 feet up a sheer face in the Ricardo Formations Campground. I (Debbie Breitenstein) put out a page for a coordinator and then phoned Al Green to make sure that I had at least one experienced technical rescue person on the operation. When no one answered my page, I tried to call some of the coordinators and then put out an additional page stating, "We have a technical rescue in Red Rock Canyon. Meet at the Hut by 1800. Bring technical gear. Any coordinator or phone-caller please contact me on my cell phone."
My thoughts were that the woman had been up on the ledge probably for a while and that it was going to be twilight when we got there. I figured if we could get an advance team there, even if it was only Green and I, we could evaluate the situation and begin to stabilize it with a little daylight left and perhaps prevent it from becoming an "injured subject rescue." We would go to the scene with anyone who had responded to the page. Meanwhile, additional team members could be assembled and follow us to the site.
Terry Mitchell had tried to call the number I had given her in my second page. My phone didn't ring until I carried it into the Hut. Then it signaled that I had a missed call. I called Terry back about 1740, and she initiated the callout with Mary Schmierer assisting. When Walter Runkle and Dave Miles arrived at the Hut, I sent them and Green out immediately with the sheriff's vehicle and the gear we had loaded. Bob Huey and Dennis Burge arrived within minutes, and Huey drove the three of us to the site.
Green, Runkle, and Miles were starting to go up into the chute where Susan was stranded. Huey, Burge, and I took ropes and the rescue seat and headed for the trail that goes behind the ridge. Our intent was to gain access to the ridge above the subject and lower a belay line. For anchors, we figured if we couldn't find a big solid rock to tie in to, we had three perfectly good bodies that would suffice. CDR Rocky Lacertoso arrived just as we were moving toward the glow over the ridgeline from the spotlights that the fire department was shining on Susan. Lacertoso assisted us by relaying our communications to Miles. The funneling effects of the neighboring chutes would have made voice communications impossible otherwise. As it was, we gained the ridge about 35-40 feet to the north and out of sight of any of the team. Had they really needed us, we could have retreated and reached the other section fairly swiftly. Fortunately, they didn't need us.
Green, Runkle, and Miles started up the chute below Susan and eventually worked their way into a chute to her left. There, Miles belayed Runkle as he crossed to Susan. He was with Susan by 1840. Staying on Miles's belay, Runkle then established a stable position and belayed Susan as she down-climbed the chute. Miles belayed Runkle as he retreated from the location. All were down within an hour of reaching Susan.
We chatted with Lacertoso and the current Park Service Ranger (the sole enforcer for that entire region) and then headed home.
NOTE: Dave Miles has been working on possible anchors for the next Red Rock Canyon operation.
Lesson learned: Take a GPS no matter what you expect to be doing! Red Rock Canyon is difficult to navigate in the dark. If I had taken a GPS reading at the front of the chute, we could have found the correct point on the ridgeline.

2004-08 12 June 2004 Search Tehachapi Tom Roseman
Almost a year after the original searches for Ronald Rosepink, Sgt. Mike Kirkland scheduled a follow-up search for him. On 3 June, I (Tom Roseman) sent an e-mail callout. Al Green, Werner Hueber, Linda Finco, Bud Gates, Bob Huey, Dan Bishop, and I committed. Because the search was scheduled for only one day, I served as coordinator as well.
We met at the donut shop at 0500 and drove to Tehachapi. Our assignments were down steep canyons adjacent to the area we had searched before. We finished our assignments early in the aftermoon and were transported back to base camp. Hueber worked at the command post trailer to learn how the new system worked.
We returned to the donut shop that evening. The case remains open with no clues.
Refer to OPERATION REDUX on page 9 of this issue.

2004-20 26-29 November 2004 Search Frazier Park Tom Roseman
I (Tom Roseman) had just returned from two weeks in Maui when I received a call from Janet Westbrook, who was looking for a leader for a search in the Mt. Pinos area of Frazier Park. The search was for 64-year-old Robert Komenda, a German-American who often hiked the area going up to McGill Camp on Mt. Pinos. Komenda had left on the afternoon of 24 November for a hike and was looking forward to Thanksgiving with his family the next day. The search was initiated when he failed to return. The operation was managed jointly by Kern County and Ventura County.
We had four different teams for four days of searching.
Day one: Leader Roseman, Al Green, Bob Huey, Dave Miles, and Coordinator Westbrook.
Day two: Leader Roseman, Debbie Breitenstein, Dave Doerr, and Coordinators Westbrook and Sheila Rockwell.
Day three: Leader Roseman, Tom Sakai, Huey, Dan Bishop, and Coordinator S. Rockwell
Day four: Leader Sakai, Green, Mike Franklin, and Coordinator Carol Burge
The search involved many teams and covered a wide area. Each day, as we failed to find Komenda, the search widened in area and scope but stayed on the east side of a paved road that was the search boundary. After four days, the search was postponed until the next weekend.
On the day before the search was to resume on Saturday, Komenda was found by friends and family members near a trail on the west side of the paved road. He had apparently died of a heart attack while returning to his car. A lot of discussion took place after the search as to why Komenda was not found during the search. The Kern County Sheriff held a debriefing in order to learn from this search for the next one. Refer to operation 2004-21 in TP 134.

2004-22 29 December 2004 Rescue Ice House Canyon Tom Roseman
My old friend the pager went off at 0100 on 29 December with one last chance for an operation this year. Tom Sakai had received a call from Sgt. Plank for a search out of Ice House Canyon near Mt. Baldy. Sakai could not lead the operation because he had to drive his kids to LAX that morning, so
I (Tom Roseman) took it. Janet Westbrook agreed to coordinate the callout. Dave Miles and I left the Hut shortly after 0400 and drove through rain and lots of standing water on Highway 395.
We arrived a little before 0700 to an always-welcome hot breakfast at the Mt Baldy Fire Station. Robert and Richard Encinas, 44-year-old twin brothers, had called their loved ones (wife and girlfriend) on their cell phone on Monday night from the Ice House Canyon saddle to say they would hike out Tuesday morning. When the brothers did not return home on Tuesday and did not call again, a search was started. Two teams attempting to reach the saddle late Tuesday were turned back by darkness, cold, rain, and snow.
Jay Chapman from Sierra Madre, Miles, and I became Team 1 and started up the canyon in heavy rain and wind shortly before 0900. The rain turned to sleet and then to groppel snow. As we crossed the steep slopes, we noticed rivers of snow cascading down the mountain. We crossed them cautiously and continued up to the canyon. We reached the saddle wearing snowshoes and found the brothers in good shape and happy to have an escort for the hike out. We helped them dig out an abandoned tent buried in the snow and pack up their tent and headed down the mountain in driving snow.
Two-thirds of the way down, we met Team 4 from Sierra Madre, who had diverted from their Chapman Trail assignment to join us. We arrived at the trailhead shortly before 1600 to a KTLA 5 news crew and heavy rain. The brothers reunited with their ladies at the fire station. We enjoyed another hot meal and headed home but not before getting on film for the 10:00 p.m. news. We secured at the Hut around 1900. As someone mentioned, things are going well when Team 1 finds the subjects.
While we were in the field, Westbrook had put a second group on call for Thursday: Mike Myers, Walter Runkle, Curtis Davis, and Dan Bishop. She also excelled in keeping up with the weather and road conditions as a major winter storm was in progress (three inches of rain in Ridgecrest).

2005-01 6-7 January 2005 Search Kernville Tom Sakai
At 1930 on Thursday, 6 January, I (Tom Sakai) answered a call from Mike Myers, who had received a call from Sgt. Mike Kirkland, Kern County Sheriff's Office, who had requested assistance on a search for an overdue hiker. Myers could not take the operation and was looking for a leader who could. I took the operation. The hiker was Joe Nelson, 73 years old, who lived in the area and often hiked the Bull Run Creek Trail for about an hour each time. He had gone out for a hike at 1100 that morning and had not returned. His wife reported him overdue late that afternoon. The weather forecast called for rain in the area starting about midnight, so the sheriff wanted to start the search immediately.
I got Carol Burge to coordinate. Bud Gates, Eric Toler, David Miles, Dennis Burge, Curtis Davis, Paul DeRuiter, and Ellen Schafhauser responded. Karen Botham helped as telephoner. We met at the Hut at 2030, were on the road by 2100, and arrived at the command post (CP) at 2200. Several teams from Kern Valley SAR were already searching.
Two trails start at the same trailhead, the Bull Run Creek and Whiskey Flat Trails. Mr. Nelson always hiked the Bull Run Creek Trail, but he had been on the Whiskey Flat Trail with family members two weeks before and had mentioned that he would someday like to explore that trail further. We started our assignment of searching the Whiskey Flat Trail, which runs more than 15 miles, at 2300. After searching along the trail and adjacent areas for more than three hours, Miles discovered two sets of fresh tracks on the trail that stood out from other older tracks. After following these for a while, we noticed that one set of tracks returned and the other did not. Because we knew Mr. Nelson's shoe size but not the type of shoe he was wearing or its tread, we could only speculate whether they were his.
We followed these tracks until 0300, when I decided to split the team-four to continue tracking and the other four to return to the CP and possibly drive to the north end of the trail to look for the tracks there. Snow started at 0400 and within a few minutes was obscuring the tracks. The lead team then turned around after covering about 6.5 miles in 5 hours. They were back at the CP at 0620.
The sheriff had 14 searchers scheduled to start later in the morning, so we decided to return home. We left the CP at 0700 and on the drive home assisted an uninjured motorist who had lost control of his vehicle on the slick, snowy Highway 178 just west of the Inyokern Airport and overturned it. We called 911 and waited with him until the highway patrol arrived. We were back at the Hut by 0930.
After we left, the sheriff interviewed Mrs. Nelson again and was able to determine with high probability that the tracks we had followed were Mr. Nelson's. Mr. Nelson was found alive, but suffering from exposure, about 1530 that day. He died in the hospital late that evening.


The Bakersfield Californian
Tuesday March 15th, 2005
Remains may belong to lost paraglider.
News bittersweet for searchers, who had scoured rugged terrain since 2003
By CHRISTINA VANCE, Californian staff writer
A skull discovered by hikers led coroner's officials to tentatively identify the body of a paraglider missing since 2003. Ronald Keith Rosepink, 46, was last seen alive on June 28, 2003, in the Tehachapi mountains near Bear Valley Springs.
On Tuesday, searchers found the remains of a glider and human body in a dying patch of brush that was about 12 feet high and 40 yards in diameter, sheriff's Cmdr. Rocky Lacertoso said. The body was only about a half-mile from the Tehachapi Bowl paraglider launch site where Rosepink's vehicle was originally found, searchers said.
Thousands of flight and ground hours were poured into the exhaustive search for Rosepink, Lacertoso said. Based on Rosepink's logs from previous flights, rescuers went as far as Lake Isabella and Mojave in their search for him. A military helicopter and Air Force buddies also joined the search. At the time of his disappearance, Rosepink was a reserve lieutenant colonel assigned to a test squad at Edwards Air Force Base, Lacertoso said.
After an initial seven-day search in 2003, Lacertoso said searchers conducted about six other smaller operations looking for the missing man. Civilian teams did their own searches as well. One such informal team was made up heavily of active, former, or auxiliary military searchers with wilderness rescue experience, David Gemperle said. He and Rosepink were search and rescue instructors in high school together and both went into the military. Gemperle said it didn't seem right to have a wilderness rescuer lost.
A dozen searchers looked for 17 days for Rosepink on a ranch in the area, and they had future searches planned. "The terrain is very foreboding, very difficult. We were literally on hands and knees," Gemperle said. Still, no luck. But on Saturday, hikers found a human skull at the bottom of a ravine in a rugged canyon, Chief Deputy Coroner Jim Malouf said. They brought the skull to sheriff's officials on Monday. "We immediately knew it wasn't old or Native American," Malouf said. A quick check of dental records showed a close match with Rosepink's teeth, Malouf said.
At first light on Tuesday, searchers returned to the area. Their 9:45 a.m. find appeared to confirm Malouf's suspicions. "When we found the rest of the remains and the paraglider, it all came together," he said. The body was in a brushy area within the original search area, Lacertoso said.
Rugged patches of brush that could reportedly hide a 747 airplane were scattered in the search area, Rosepink's friend Gary Bruce Eaton said. Searchers repeatedly plunged into thickets looking for Rosepink. "They'd come out like they'd been in a fight with 10 guys with a razor," Eaton said.
Eaton characterized Rosepink, a hot air ballooning buddy, as incredibly skilled and humble.
If dental charts and X-rays confirm the body is Rosepink's, Eaton said he's anticipating a full coroner's report on the cause of death. He guessed the impact of landing must have been debilitating. "If Ron Rosepink only broke both legs, he'd get out. That guy's tough," he said.
Lacertoso said Tuesday's news was bittersweet for Rosepink's wife, Deborah, who had been fighting to get insurance money. Mrs. Rosepink had a close relationship with searchers, once even accompanying them and cooking for them, Lacertoso said. "We've all been so intimately involved with this search," Lacertoso said. "We're glad that he's now going to be back with his family."
Refer to operations 2003-02 (TP 129), 2003-04 (TP 131), and 2004-08 (TP 134).


Date Location Participants Notes
Dec 15 Janet Westbrook's house 10 members and 9 guests Christmas party
Dec 17-19 N. Palisade from Palisade Glacier Dan Bishop, Bob Huey, Jan Lorenzen 2nd lake the first day; Sam Mack Meadow the next day.
Dec 27 Trona Peak Bob Rockwell, Daryl Hinman
Dec 26 Owens Tom Roseman Found cell phone near scree part; called home.
Dec 30-Jan 2 Whitney Area Bob Rockwell Happy New Year
Jan 1 Owens Peak 11 people 1_ miles before parking lot; 4 hours to get to summit' nice day
Morris Peak Carol Burge, Al Green, Werner Hueber, Bud Gates From Walker Pass, 4-5" of snow at pass; 2' of powder at top.
Jan 15 Argus Peak Bob Huey, Linda Finco, Al Green, Carol Burge, Dave Doerr, and 5 guests. Beautiful hike. High point was seeing the wild horses.
Jan 23 Corkscrew Ellen Schafhauser, Al Green, and Carol Burge The last section to the summit was real loose, so Al and Carol turned back. Ellen went on to the summit.
Feb 5 Owens Peak Rockwell, D. Burge and guests
Feb 7-11 Pear Lake Hut Tom Roseman, Werner Hueber, Al Green, Carol Burge, Ellen Scahfhauser, Linda Finco, Debbie Breitenstein, and 3 guests 10 people went. Linda and Debbie stayed back (both were sick). Trip was nice; skiing was not great. Miserable hike out on Friday. Tom and Werner climbed and skied Winter Alta and Summer Alta.
Feb 11 Whitney Area Mike Myers, Bob Huey, Dave Miles
Hiked in on Friday. Started on the Whitney Road switchback around 0925. Made it to the Meyson Lake Trailhead at 1115, had to put on snowshoes. Had lunch at the Portal and made it to the N. Fork crossing around 1400. Destination for the day was lower BS Lake, but decided that was not doable. Set up camp and then hike towards Lone Pine Lake to break trail for trip next weekend. Returned to camp, but decided a warm dinner in Lone Pine would be the better option. So packed up and hiked back to the car. Dinner in Lone Pine!

We had a kind of simplified version of a rating system. If we did not have a rope it was Class 3. If we had a rope, but did not have the right pitons it was Class 4. If we had a rope and pitons (and used them) it was Class 5.
--Jules Eichorn

Loren Castro

Sheriff Mack Wimbish welcomed members of 10 volunteer search and rescue groups to his annual appreciation dinner at Hodel's Restaurant in Bakersfield on Friday, 18 March 2005. Members of the Bakersfield, China Lake Mountain, Cooks, Desert, Divers, Indian Wells Valley, Kern Valley, Mounted, Southern Kern, and Tehachapi groups enjoyed the buffet dinner and the company.
Bob Rockwell, Tom Roseman, Linda Finco, Honorary Member Tom Stogsdill, Debbie Breitenstein and guests Gene and Judy Breitenstein, David Miles and guest Carin Miles, Ellen Schafhauser and guest Bob Lowe, and Loren Castro and guest Carol Clark were the CLMRG members who attended.
David Miles was our Contributor of the Year.
The following members were recognized for longevity of servce with awards:
10 years: Dr. Bill Ferguson
20 years: Loren Castro
35 years: Bob Rockwell

Terry Mitchell

CLMRG gratefully acknowledges recent gifts from the following friends:
Mario and Yolanda Gonzalez Valley Village, California
Marilyn Y. & John A. Wick Gooding, Idaho
John J. Olley Dunsmuir, California
Clifton J. Chandler Ridgecrest, California
Southern California Edison (Anonymous) 4th Quarter 2004 (4 of 4)
Combined Federal Campaign Donors:
Tamara Tucker Susan Haynes William Deemer
Linda Homer Johnnie Maschhoff Eugenia Schneider
Peter Lesniak Renee Lesniak Kimberly Johns


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