NOTE: To contact CLMRG in an emergency, please contact the Kern County Sheriff's Office Com Center (661 or 800-861-3110) or 760 301-6094 for a blanket page of leaders.
For Officers and Committee Chairpersons, see "Points of Contact"
P.O. Box 2037, Ridgecrest, CA 93556=2037.

Points of Contact- Officers and Committee Chairs
Current Training Schedule
Talus Pile - our Newsletter; contains current training schedule, operations reports, various bits of news, etc.
Talus Piles #1-99, 1969-1996
Talus Piles #100-148, 1997-2010
May 2011 Talus Pine
September 2011 Talus Pile
January 2012 Talus Pile, lots of ops
April 2012 Talus Pile, 2011 summaries
October 2012 Talus Pile, lots of ops
January 2013 Talus Pile, a busy finish to 2012!
April 2013 Talus Pile, with 2012 summary stats.
December 2013 Talus Pile, recent ops
May 2014 Talus Pile

Summer Mountaineering Class info

Sample Flyer of Class Info
General Overview of the Course
Equipment checklist for Students
Skills Checklist for the course

NEWS, updates

Know your Knots? Check this website out! Animated knots

More Knots! Climbing knots

Celebrating 50 Years of Search and Rescue Service 1958-2008;
See our photo and other info here.

We submitted this for an MRA award for Outstanding Public Education programs - our summer class stuff and our "Child Lost, but Found" programs. Word Doc. with photos. And we WON!!

Training Manual - everything that makes CLMRG tick
Chapter 1, Standard Operating Procedures, training requirements, qualifications, how we run operations, etc.
Chapter 2, ByLaws - what really makes us tick
Chapter 3 Qualifications and Training by category, lists for Quals, personal equipment, climbs, training, etc.
Chapter 4, Technical Rescue Equipment and Techniques- we're using "Technical Rescue Riggers Guide" mostly. Good stuff.
Kendrick Traction Device Instructions"
Sager Traction Splint.pdf

Images from a training practice
CRMRA Rock Recertification at Fossil Falls, March 2001


CLMRG, the China Lake Mountain Rescue Group, is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization which provides search and rescue services on an on-call basis. It is sponsored by the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake, CA, responds to the Kern County Sheriff Department, and is a member of the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA). The primary mission of the China Lake Mountain Rescue Group is search and rescue of lost or injured persons, any season of the year, in the mountains and desert or in any type of wilderness terrain. Our primary area of response is Kern County and the Eastern Sierra of Inyo and Mono Counties in California, but we can go any place in the world, as needed. (We've done that...)
A secondary mission of CLMRG is to provide wilderness safety education to members of our Ridgecrest, CA community.

CLMRG trains year round in a variety of search and rescue skills. Our current capabilities include general mountaineering and wilderness survival skills, high-angle rock, ice and snow rescue, step-by-step mantracking , advanced/Wilderness first-aid and CPR/AED, radio communications, procedures for working with helicopters, Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) direction finding (for locating downed aircraft), and SAR management using the Incident Command System, (ICS).

Most of our members are highly experienced mountaineers with knowledge of wilderness and glacier travel and crevasse rescue. Most of our experience is in the Sierra Nevada, but many members have experience in other mountain ranges as well, such as the Cascades and Rockies. Several members have summited Mt. McKinley/Denali, and other high peaks around the world.

In addition, CLMRG remains involved in such community education activities as the "Lost, but Found" program on tips for parents and kids how not to get lost, or to get found if you are which is presented regularly to local elementary students, and our annual Basic Mountaineering Course in June and July, a six-week introductory class in all aspects of mountaineering with an emphasis on safety.

CLMRG is funded somewhat under the United Way program, and by the Kern County Sheriff's Office, and we rely on private donations. If you would love to donate to this good cause, please send a check to CLMRG, P.O. Box 2037, Ridgecrest, CA 93556-2037. You will receive our gratitude, a thank-you note, and our newsletter, The Talus Pile.
An on-line charitable giving organization, "Just" will also pass along designated donations to us. We are a 501(c)(3) organization so your gift to us is tax deductible.

Our funds go toward (1) updating search and rescue equipment such as stretchers, climbing ropes and hardware, radios, and first aid supplies, and (2) SAR operation expenses. All CLMRG members provide their own individual equipment and take leave- without-pay or vacation leave to go on rescues.

Do we give out our patch upon request? NO. Sorry - our patch is only for our active members.

Group Photo 3/06

Wanna see a really COOL picture of Whitney trail in the winter?!! click here
And the same spot in summer... Pretty impressive. Click here

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