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CLMRG Schedule

CLMRG event schedule is a record of Group participation and activities. We list our training, public events, and meetings on this schedule.

Business meetings are held on the second Monday of every month excetp August (no meeting), October (3rd Monday), and where the second Monday would be a holiday.

Tech Nights on the first Wednesday of every month, Tracking at noon on various Fridays, and First Aid Reviews before business meetings are regular one hour trainings to keep our skills sharp. They cover gear used in rescues, latest laws, regulations, practices, and forms. 

Trips are member led hikes and climbs in the back country. They are listed with the leader who should be contacted before showing up to the meet location. Anyone is welcome to ask the leader to join. Some hikes are friendly to all skill levels while others require great skill and training before attempting.  

CLMRG loves to support events with first aid, communications, and checkpoint logging. We will help from the planning to the execution. Contact us if you want support for your event.


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