Basic Mountaineering
Summer Course 

Ages 14 and up

Class Dates:
Part 1: May 14th – June 9th
Part 2: July 23rd – August 14th (Part 1 prerequisite)


Thank you for your interest in the class. Watch this page and our Facebook for information about the next class.

Want to get out more? CLMRG is hosting its annual Basic Mountaineering Summer Course. Whether here in the California Sierra Navada Mountains or the throughout the world, the lessons from this class will carry you to greater heights and provide the foundational knowledge of how to safely enjoy the backcountry.

  1. General Overview of the Course - Click here for all the nitty gritty information about the class. Impress your friends by having all the know how before you even take the class. 
  2. Class lecture schedule and practicals - Here is a student Syllabus so you know what's coming. If you have to miss a class, let us know. We may be able to accommodate. 
  3. Equipment Checklist for Students - We want you to be prepared for the wilderness, but don't fret! You do not have to / should not go buy everything just yet. Let us give you the skinny about all the gear, maybe even let you barrow an item or two. 
  4. Skills Checklist for the Course - This is just a progress sheet for you to know how far along you are in learning the vital skills we are teaching. 

Remember to get a copy of your book

MountaineeringFreedom of the Hills (9th Ed.)

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This class is split into 2 parts. Part 1 focuses on the basics. You’ll learn about the 10 Essentials, how to pack for a backcountry trip, what shoes & clothing is important, how to find and purify water, navigation techniques, and more. At that time of year (late May thru early June), there will still be snow up in the highest parts of the mountains so these adventures will all be lower in altitude and in easily accessible areas. After Part 1 you’ll take a 6 week break where you can apply what you’ve learned and go on your own adventures. After that break, we’ll reconvene for Part 2. This part continues to build your skills where you’ll start to learn about rock climbing, rappelling, and the rope systems used for them. The snow should be all but completely melted in those high elevation areas at this point (late July - August). You can enjoy the Sierra Nevada Mountains at the best time of year! You’ll be taken to higher elevation and less accessible areas to relish the outdoors in a truly fascinating way.

Class is held every Tuesday at the Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest, CA starting at 7 pm for lectures and show and tell of camping, first aid, outdoor clothing, rescue, and many other aspects of outdoor recreation. Every Wednesday evening field trips are taken to local spots for practical experience in climbing, hiking, rappelling, navigation, and more. There are several hikes to go on and lots of people to meet who are all interested in the same thing you are! Join us this summer. Ages 14 and up. $50 a seat.

The field trip meetup location is at Pizza Factory on Wednesday nights departing at 5 pm with carpools. When we return, we often like to stay and eat there.


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